Payment Guide

Below is a complete step-by-step overview for your reference after you complete your purchase. 

Browse & add item(s) to your cart
Make sure you have enough testnet Tari (tXTR) to cover your item(s) before you checkout.

Pay a small amount for shipping in USD with a credit card or pay with BTC/XMR

Shipping is $5.00 USD per order for US shipping and $10.00 USD for international shipping to help us offset the cost of shipping and prevent abuse.


Pay via BTC/XMR through the Globee payment gateway (presented during checkout).

Look out for the order confirmation email and then send tXTR to The TTL Store's Emoji ID with your ORDER # in the memo field

Within the email will be a QR code and an Emoji ID. Scan the QR code with the Tari Aurora or copy-and-paste the Emoji ID into the wallet to begin the process of sending tXTR to the Emoji ID.

Send the total amount of tXTR for the order wallet and put your ORDER # in the memo field so we can match it to your transaction.

Once we confirm your tXTR payment we'll charge your card

Your credit card will ONLY be charged the shipping payment AFTER we confirm receipt of the tXTR.  

Please note: BTC/XMR payments are charged immediately.

We'll confirm your order is complete by sending you a small amount of "bonus" tXTR

This is both a fun way for you to see what it's like to be sent tXTR, and also will get you that much closer to your next purchase. At this point you are done! 

You'll get an email when your item(s) ship
Items may take up to 1-4 weeks to ship and 1-4 weeks to arrive depending on your location.


For more information see our FAQ here and learn how to earn more tXTR here.