How to Earn

Start by downloading Tari Aurora (iOS & Android) which will start you off with ~10,000 testnet Tari (tXTR). 

There are a few additional ways to earn more tXTR:

  • Setup a Tari testnet node and earn by mining. Join the Tari Telegram channel or visit to learn more. 
  • Share the link to the Tari Aurora with your friends and also send them your Emoji ID to let them test out sending you tXTR.
  • Follow us on Twitter @Tari and join the Tari Telegram to keep an eye out for more opportunities to earn.

PLEASE NOTE: tXTR is meant for testing purposes only and we may void any tXTR allocated to your Tari Aurora Wallet at any time.

For more information see our FAQ here and learn how to pay for items with tXTR here.