Tari Whiskey Stones

Tari Whiskey Stones

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We know you’re a sophisticated gentleman, there’s no way you would ruin your fine 30 year barrel aged single malt whiskey with ice, that’s why we got you covered with these Tari Whiskey Stones.

Imagine the look on your guests face when you bust out the Tari Tumbler and Tari Whiskey Stones and begin explaining to them that Tari is a default private proof-of-work layer 1 blockchain that has a layer 2 for smart contracts as their eyes glaze over.

Items require a tXTR payment sent via 
Tari Aurora and a shipping payment in USD, BTC or XMR. See more here.

Items are extremely limited and are NOT refundable. Prices & availability are subject to change at any time.

This item may take 4-6 weeks to ship.